Lovely Cigar Smoking Women
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The focus of this updated board is to replace my orginial board that was closed without my knowledge. It is for Adults ( prefer 21 & over, but will allow those from 18-20 Any posts submitted for approval. ALL posts must be about or in reference to women smoking cigars. Posts from ladies can be about : 1. Their list of favorite cigars in numerical order : ( by name brand, style, type , length ( inches, diameter around, color, flavor ( if any ) & with each cigar on list, I request the approximate date you had your 1st experience smoking that cigar ), why you chose it & on what occasion(s) you have smoked that specific cigar ( there can be multiple entries on this subject. You can update your favorites list at any time by adding a reply under original posted msg(s). Also would like to read personal experience stories about your cigar smoking . The language can be rated from G to XXX , cause this is a ADULT'S only board, POSTING A LINK IS ALLOWED BUT MUST BE ABOUT WOMEN SMOKING CIGARS ONLY! Any off topic posts submitted or ANYONE posting any extremely vulgar msgs, any personal attack msgs against another person posting & ESPECIALLY ANY HATE MSG TOWARDS ANYONE ( ESPECIALLY AGAINST ANY FEMALE WHO POST WILL BE BANNED FROM BOARD FOREVER. DON'T LIKE MY RULES OR DON'T WANT TO OBEY BOARD RULES, QUIETLY LEAVE & DON'T BOTHER POSTING HERE AGAIN , CAUSE IF YOU DO YOU'LL BE BANNED FOR LIFE. NO ARGUMENT OR DISCUSSION OR 2ND CHANCE ALL BANS ARE PERMANENT ! LET'S ENJOY OURSELVES LIKE MATURE ADULTS SHOULD DO ALWAYS . GD ADMIN PS ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT RULES OR IF NOT SURE POST IS OK TO BE APPROVED, NO DISCUSSION ON OPEN BOARD THANK YOU EMAIL ME DIRECT ONLY ! :

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