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    Posted by GrandmotherPearlsJam on February 4, 2020, 14:44:39, in reply to "bonbon edumacates the Deuce"

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    with useless information...

    If you want a home where the buffalo roam, you're going to have to move to South Asia or Africa. North America does not have buffalo, it has bison. "Home" is the first of 3 "H" differentiating factors.

    "Hump" is the second as the bison has a distinct hump above its shoulders that allow the beast to use its head as a snowplow.

    "Horns" is the third. Bison have shorter, sharper horns, whereas buffalo can have horns that can reach 8' and are often curled.

    You can also throw in a "B": bison sport thick hipster-like beards. Buffalo like the clean-shave look.

    things you can get from bison: steak and ground bison meat

    thing you can get from buffalo: buffalo mozzarella

    class dismissed. bonbon out.

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