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    Probly not just a ghost, more likely a demon. Meany should get a Ouija board and ask it.* Archived Message

    Posted by Stu on February 5, 2020, 7:55:39, in reply to "or ghosts*"

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    night. Tonight, she woke up around 3am and was just kind of pacing around, then started pawing at the door. Ok, I take her to the kitchen and let her out. Goes number one and number two. Doesnít do that at night hardly ever but ok. Then proceeds to eat the rest of her dinner from earlier. Not odd at all that she didnít finish dinner, but never ate in the middle of the night before.

    Then it gets weirder. She wonít come back to bed. I go back to bed and she comes in with me, but just walks around for a minute and then goes back out to the family room / kitchen. Sheís looking at the door like she wants to go for a walk, stands up and puts her paws on my legs like she wants to go for a walk. Itís 3:30 in the morning.

    I pick her up and physically bring her to bed. She stays in bed about 5 seconds and gets up and comes back out. Not apparently in any distress, but still looking at the front door. We decide to just let her be. I go back to bed.

    About 45 minutes later she barks. I wake up and run out to the kitchen, sheís looking at the door. I bring her back to bed again. She immediately wants to get up, but I actually try to restrain her a little in my arms, tell her itís ok, calm down. This goes on about a minute with her fighting me the whole time, I finally let her go again.

    I try to go back to sleep but canít. 15 min later itís now 5:00 so I just decide Iíll start my day. Come back out and sheís sitting on the couch calmly, looking at the front door. I make coffee. Sit down next to her and wrap blankets around her. All good, not fighting me, snuggles up. I cover her completely with a blanket over her head (she likes to sleep burrowed under the covers). All good, doesnít fight me. She curls up and goes to sleep and is still asleep 10 min later.

    I canít for the life of me figure out what this was all about. Anything here make any sense? Like if we had an earthquake right now Iíd be like oh, now I get why she was acting so weird.

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