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    Posted by bbonb on February 5, 2020, 9:43:00

    of all the PMs I get, and there are a lot, the 2 questions I get the most are:

    1. Can you send me a few "d pics"? (I don't even know what they are, so we'll leave that for another day), and

    2. Can you explain proper LED lighting for my home?

    Let's table wattage for now. Today, I want to talk about proper color temperature, and that's going to require a primer on Kelvin. Color temp is measured by its K-rating. This rating refers to the color of the radiation emitted by a blackbody heated to that many degrees celsius above absolute zero.

    Lower K-ratings produce warmer colors, and are besyt for pendants, wall lanterns, ambient lighting, and table/floor light.

    Mid-range K-ratings produce a cool white light, and are good in basements, work environments, and garages.

    Higher K-ratings simulate daylight, and are good for display areas, security lighting, garages, and task lighting.

    So, one light bulb does not fit all lighting needs. Choose carefully, my friends.

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