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    Well crap...engine transmission replacement warranty question Archived Message

    Posted by RSMBob on February 25, 2021, 18:56:35

    So, torque converter went out on my son's 2010 For Fusion and local shop says torque converter shot and needs a new transmission.

    Used tranny and install is about $3200 out the door.

    Tranny was replaced with a used transmission June 2019, 18K miles ago $2900. Attached warranty is 3 years/36K miles

    Warranty is also subject to the following Ts and Cs (among other things) that Vehicle must be returned for a free 500 mile checkup.

    My son never brought it in for the 500 mile checkup (place is an hour away from home and things have been running good).

    Yelp reviews have a lot of complaints about the place not honoring or being nitpicky about the warranty Ts and Cs.

    Are we screwed? Did my son make a $3200 negligence error?

    Really appreciate any advice on how to attack this one.

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