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    I want to gush about this guy cause I had/have a man crush: Archived Message

    Posted by ghost_of_clt on February 26, 2021, 19:37:31, in reply to "I made a bet last night with a roofing consultant for our breakfast today..."

    He has a Springsteen autographed (and played) guitar on his front wall of his office. Why? Some roofing jamoke was putting up $2mil (e: of roofing) and my guy stopped him when he saw the errors. Saved the contractor $200k of error for free; my guy got the guitar as a gift.

    Happy Friday y'all. I get to write this one down as a good day in spite of being way late.
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    We were to meet a big big big contractor.

    If I walked out with a project proposal, he owes me a KdB autograph. If I didn't, I owe him. He is a fellow Man City supporter.

    I somehow slept through my 2nd and 3rd alarms on arguably the fifth biggest day of work career life.

    Fortunately everyone understood and the roofing consultant was getting along with the contractor.

    And I spend $170 for an eBay KdB autograph.

    But a good day.. Happy Friday yall, eat your fish Catholics!

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