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    Since we've been on the topic of bannings lately...we recently had an actual real life banning... Archived Message

    Posted by haighter on May 19, 2022, 15:20:25 our preschool.

    As you know...our preschool is a cooperative preschool, staffed by hired teachers but run by parent volunteers and an elected board of volunteers. Being in San Francisco, it's exactly what you'd think this is. Very liberal. Very hands on. Very over the top on most everything.

    There was one parent that was a consistent problem. Harassing, condescending, attempts to be physically intimidating but it was generally limited to an teachers and board members. Well, recently, he had the extreme lack of judgement and sent an email to the community email list that was filled with pretty graphic language that was meant as a joke but was wholly unappreciated by the majority of the 70 people who received it.

    So, what happens in a reactionary co-operative preschool? Lotsa outrage and a community meeting to decide his fate.

    I argued the guy had been a pain in the ass for longer than he deserved leeway for and we should toss him and his family. They're not keen on "punishment" so that was not the prevailing wisdom and eventual judgement. Ultimately he was banned from all school activities including dropping his kid off or picking her up and had to turn in his keys immediately. Can't email the community email list. Etc etc...but his kid can stay.

    Anyway, figured that this story might be one for great Deuce discussion and just an awesome microcosm of what happens when you have an organization where 60 volunteers have input.

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