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    Shit, a B&M school year could be completed in just half the time…. Archived Message

    Posted by timmer on June 7, 2022, 9:26:47, in reply to "If the end result is a good grade, what’s the fvcking problem?"

    …if it weren’t for constant disruptions and dumb students needing more time to understand the subject matter.

    We hear about those super smart kids, or just an ambitious teen actor who finishes high school in two years. They are speeding thru the process. No different than your kid.

    It’s all about efficiency and performance
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    Hell, we as adults have probably done many online professional training courses to maintain certifications or ‘learn’ a new skill and just FF the video and breeze through the slides to get to the end and pass the test, right?

    Or is it just my friend that does that?
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    and the school flagged him for using a program/app that accelerates the online lessons. They say he can either re-start the course or go to an in-person version of the class.

    I need to verify whether he is indeed using some accelerator program, but because I've seen him doing the work I have a feeling it's as simple as him running the audio (video?) lessons and 2x speed. bleargh.

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