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    Posted by biclops on June 8, 2022, 12:43:09, in reply to "VIVTRIV- round 1"

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    as a few of you know, i host trivia once per month and write my own questions. i'll post a couple rounds the day after i host.

    please don't google answers, you cretin.

    also, no answers in the subject lines so others can play, please.


    Movies Before and After- The classic Jeopardy round of “Before And After” but with movie titles. I’ll give you two brief movie synopses, the last word of the first movie will overlap with the first word of the second. For example, Nicolas Cage flies on a plane full of criminals that lands on the las vegas strip and a golden retriever plays basketball. “Con Air” and “Air Bud”, so your answer would be “Con Air Bud.”

    1.Michelle Yeoh explores the multiverse of all her alternate selves including one with hot dogs for fingers AND Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt share screen time with a lot of bare female feet in 1969 Los Angeles.

    Everything Everywhere All at Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    2.Two British soldiers must cross through enemy territory to deliver an important message during WW1 AND the film adaptation of a 1969 musical surrounding the events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence starring William Daniels as John Adams.


    3.Bradley Cooper is an aging alcoholic musician who discovers and falls in love with the young and talented Lady Gaga AND the story of Tom Cruise as a paralyzed Vietnam veteran turned anti-war activist.

    A Star is Born of the Fourth of July

    4.Haley Joel Osment can see dead people AND Three 19th century English sisters endure broken engagements and unhappy courtships.

    The Sixth Sense and Sensibility

    5.Seth Rogen impregnates Katherine Heigl AND George Clooney and Anna Kendrick lay a bunch of people off.

    Knocked Up in the Air

    6.A family adopts a mouse AND Abigail Breslin competes in a beauty pageant.

    Stuart Little Miss Sunshine

    7.Sean Penn gets a pizza delivered to a high school classroom AND John Cusack chronicles his failed love life through music.

    Fast Times at Rigdemont High Fidelity

    8.Ben Stiller gets his genitals stuck in his pants zipper and Julie Andrews is a magical nanny who does not get her genitals stuck in a zipper.

    There’s Something About Mary Poppins

    9.A young, pregnant woman begins to suspect her elderly neighbors are up to something sinister AND Tina Fey hires Amy Poehler to be her surrogate mother.

    ??? Baby Mama

    10.Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union battle for a national championship AND Marlon Brando coulda been a contender.

    Bring it On the Waterfront

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