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    I mean, Cloudy Bay is a nice Sauv Blanc but I donít think itís much of a LAM* Archived Message

    Posted by Cunativeson on June 14, 2022, 16:41:07, in reply to "Solid LAM*"

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    he has a son the same age as my son, nice guy, shared a bottle of Cloudy Bay... pretty standard stuff.

    Turns out he's a Pritzker, a nephew of the gov. I knew his sister, Penny lived down the street but didn't know this guy lived across the alley from me.

    Seemed like a pretty normal guy who just happened to have a ridiculous house. He's a partner with his law firm so I didn't really think anything of it. He never mention his last name or the family connection, I found out after the fact from another neighbor who lives next door to them.

    Now I want my son to be friends so I get invited to the parties.

    Cool story Hansel

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