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    Posted by VIV on September 16, 2022, 11:23:16, in reply to "Updated chili recipe ingredients"

    Heat base:
    -rehydrate your dried chiles in a bowl of hot water for 10-15 mins keep them submerged. (I used ancho, cascabel, guajillo)
    -put your large can of tomato sauce on low heat and start chopping your fresh chiles. I recommend using nitrile gloves so you donít get chiles all over your hands. Itís not pleasant when you touch your eyes or elsewheres later.
    -add your chopped chiles to the pot as you go, stirring occasionally. I used poblano, hatch, jalapeŮo, Serrano, and habanero
    -use a pair of kitchen scissors on the rehydrated dried chiles. Itís easier than a knife. Snip them right into the pot in small chunks.
    -let that simmer at least a half hour while youíre getting the rest ready. Donít worry about fine-dicing everything, youíre going to blend it later to get the bigger chunks out.

    Ok, now time to talk about ďspice blendĒ. Everyone has their own. I like to go to a good spice shop to get cumin and their chili powder blends. Itís much fresher and tastier than the stuff in the grocery store. I then make my own mix at home for chili. Itís roughly 1/2 chili powder, 1/4 cumin, and the remainder is a mix of cayenne, ancho powder, chipotle powder, smoked paprika, garlic powder and Mexican oregano. Mix that all up.

    Meat base time:
    -medium dice your onion and fine mince your garlic.
    -cut your flank steak into cubes about 1/2Ē-3/4Ē in size. Put them in a bowl, season with salt, pepper, and chili powder.
    -heat a large stock pot over medium high heat. Once hot, add enough oil to coat the bottom and add your seasoned flank steak in about 3 batches (you donít want to overcrowd the pot). Get a nice sear on all sides one batch at a time, then use a slotted spoon to put them in a bowl on the side.
    -keep the heat on and add your onion, then about 30 seconds later your ground beef and garlic. Season generously with salt and pepper. Mix and stir for about a minute.
    -add in about half of your spice blend and mix well. Cook for about 4-5 mins stirring well throughout.
    -once the meat starts to brown add in the rest of your tomatoes and stir.

    Your heat base should still be simmering away next to you. If you have a stick (or immersion) blender now is the time for it. Blend it to break up the chunks. If you donít have a stick blender but have a regular blender, you can use that. But only blend a cup or two at max at a time. Itís hot liquid full of fire and death. If you overfill, itís going to explode like lava all over you and your kitchen. Much better to work in small batches. If you have no blender, just chop all your chiles very small and skip the blending.

    -add your heat base to your meat base along with the bowl of steak and any juices and the other half of the spice blend.
    -add your chocolate either in chips or large chunks.

    Because i donít want to burn the bottom and Iím lazy, i usually move this to a large crock pot. The biggest one you have. Youíll need the space. Put it on low and let it simmer for an hour.

    after an hour or so, drain and rinse your beans and add them. Simmer for at least another hour.

    Give it a taste. Youíll likely need to add salt, maybe some extra cumin or chili powder or some cayenne to punch it up.

    Serve. I like mine with cheese and oyster crackers.

    Leftovers are the best. Day 2 chili is better than day 1 chili.

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