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in dragonbone moor
Originally called Ily Moor, the people of Shaman began to refer to it as ‘Dragonbone Moor’ after Tsi grounded Gwythr’s rock-dragon here. The now lifeless rock-dragon can be seen near the border of the territory, crouched on the earth with its wings outstretched. The rambling planes and tors stretch for as far as the eye can see and are home to a great number of hardy animals, making this an excellent hunting territory, and the snaking River Grace provides water to inhabitants. Cascade Falls, Hippogriff Falls, Prince Falls and Lake Baudelaire can be found at various points along the river’s path. A small town was established on the edge of Lake Baudelaire after the great flood receded.

Lachlan, Business Proprietor
Kasdeya, Business Proprietor
Anapa, Mortician
Kaala, Wisewoman
Santiago P.I. & Bounty Hunter

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located here
  • Public Stables: For a small fee, anyone can hire or lease a horse or pony at the stables here. The moor makes great hacking territory.
  • Baudelaire Boathouse: For a small fee, anyone can hire a boat, canoe or kayak to take out onto the lake.
  • The Collection: The elusive being known only as "The Collector" hoards his great treasure trove here. He'll purchase any collectable or expensive item.
  • Murray's: Murray buys up items acquired by questionable means and sells them for exorbitant prices in his shop. He specialises in rare items.
  • Mabel's Voodoo Shoppe: Mabel, a gentle but eccentric old lady, runs a shop which sells all sorts of quirky and unusual things.
  • The Belladonna: A bar and brothel owned and managed by the alluring Kasdaya. It hasn't been open long, but has already acquired something of a reputation.
  • White Griffin Brewery & Distillery: Owned by Lachlan, the White Griffin is responsible some of the best beer and liquor in Shaman. Its also the perfect front for its master's shadier business ventures.
  • Rock Dragon Funeral Services: A mortuary and crematorium can be found on the outskirts of the town, near the cemetery.
  • Santiago's Office: the unmarked base of Santiago's private detective/bounty agency. He relies on word-of-mouth for business and is famous for his discretion.
  • Cemetery: An expanse of the moor has been converted into a gated cemetery. Ordinary families have simple graves of the family's design; richer families have their own private crypts.
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